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You don’t have to be in Accra to succeed in music – Fancy Gadam replies Ezekiel Tetteh

Fancy Gadam

Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall, and reggae musical artist, Mujahid Ahmed Bello aka Fancy Gadam shares a dissimilar view from Ezekiel Tetteh’s proclamation that up and coming artistes should move to Accra to attain an A-Listed artiste standing.

A board member of the 3 Music Awards, Ezekiel Tetteh had said to artistes to move to Accra to be known among the top acts because Ghana is Accra.

Meanwhile, Fancy Gadam who was cited by Ezekiel Tetteh strangely disputes the assertion.

Fancy Gadam upholds that he stayed up North to get the people behind him before moving to Accra.

‘ everyone with his opinion though, but I don’t believe you have to be in Accra before you can succeed. you can succeed where you are and make sure your own people love you and they can push you to the world not only Accra. That’s my belief because when I was coming out,i stayed in the Northern Region and made sure the world place is locked down so when you talk about music in the North, they will mention Fancy Gadam’ – he said.

Fancy Gadam doused out a counsel to the up-and-coming artistes to get music collaborations to get to the top.

He, however, admits that he has he team in Accra who connects the plug for him while he stays up North.

Source: Harmattangh.com

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