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Year of Broken Hearts: Check Out Top Breakup Videos On The Internet So Far In 2021

Lonely Broken Hearted Woman

2021 has begun on a bad note for lovers especially the younger generation, who had higher hopes for their relationships.

These relationships literally ¨turn beans¨, to wit, unsuccessful.

Suffice to say, the ladies are mostly the sufferers who deluge social media with every move of their love adventures.

You might have come across most of these sad broken heart stories on the internet. The circumstances that lead to most of these break up are weird.

We bring some breakup stories on the internet so far;

1. This little girl weeps and sings a love song as she suffers a broken heart.


2. A Lady gets her face swollen after her boyfriend dumps.


3. This guy shocked as his girlfriend was hammered by another guy in the same hotel they lodged




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