VIDEO: Medikal lands in London ahead of his 02 Indigo show scheduled for May 3rd 2024

Ghanaian sensation Medikal touched down in London, stirring excitement among fans and peers ahead of his monumental performance at the O2 Indigo on May 3rd, 2024.

The air at Heathrow Airport crackled with anticipation as supporters welcomed the rapper with open arms, signaling the immense buzz surrounding the upcoming event.

Medikal’s concert, set to feature a star-studded lineup including King Promise and Efia Ofo, has become a focal point in the music world, drawing attention to the flourishing Ghanaian music scene on the global stage.

The arrival of Ghanaian sensation Medikal in London sparked anticipation among admirers and contemporaries for his historic performance at the O2 Indigo on May 3, 2024.

The huge excitement for the upcoming performance was evident in the air at Heathrow Airport, as fans greeted the rapper with open arms.

With a star-studded lineup that includes King Promise and Efia Ofo, Medikal’s performance has become a major event in the music industry, bringing notice to the thriving Ghanaian music scene on a worldwide scale.

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Attendees can expect a wonderful evening of music and entertainment thanks to the convergence of talent and enthusiasm.

This achievement not only highlights Medikal’s rise to prominence in the music business but also the increasing international recognition and backing of Ghanaian musicians.


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