Trending Video: This sharp contrast shows the difference between public and private schools in Upper East

Going by the metaphor of fingers not being analogous to each other, for sure there isn’t parity and there might never be. The desire for that costs Satan/Lucifer his heavenly abode and thereafter, the fallout we facing now.

Education is a priority in every country especially the developing nations who are determined to make might human resources. Countries like Ghana have made education free from the basic to the secondary level and there are numerous students in tertiary that are on government subventions. Either studying in the country or overseas.

Just like the government schools, there also private ones which are preferably for the wards of the elite. You need to have the financial fortitude to choose the later.

The kids of a struggling palm wine tapper in a village in Ghana, who barely feed a Ghc5 a day will depend on the government to educate his or her wards.

Schools in Ghana have been shut down for over three months by the President H.E Nana Akuffo Adddo over the scare of the coronavirus pandemic. The final year students were only permitted by the President upon consultations with stakeholders to return but guided by strict protocols.

Students started reporting since Sunday (15th June 2020) to their various schools and the situation in the Upper East region was not different.

A report by Joy News’ Upper East correspondent Albert Sore highlighted the preparedness of schools in the region. Sampling the Great Victory Academy a private school and the Kalbeo/Tindonsobligo JHS in his report, the video is making trends in the region as it has flooded timelines of particularly former students of both schools.

In the video report, Great Victory Academy looked very prepared to welcome their 75 candidates back with the provision of nose masks, hand washing outlets sanitizers, and more so practicing social distancing. They even had a nurse who was constantly checking their temperatures with a thermometer gun.

Unlike what was seen at the private school, students in Kalbeo Jhs although were practicing social distancing, none of them had nose masks and some basins were used for hand washing without sanitizer. A student is heard looking up to the government to provide for them. A very sharp contrast in the two schools.

Watch the video.

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