Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Teroo Advocates for Amendment of Widowhood Rites.

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The Upper West Regional representative of TV3’s Ghana Most Beautiful reality show, Dora Mwinteroo Diyuoh with the stage name Teroo has launched a campaign for the amendment of widowhood rites which she described as dehumanizing and humiliating.

In her second live performance on Sunday July 25, 2021, the young promising contestant narrated that the widowhood rite in some parts of the Upper West Region where widows are smeared with soil after the burial of the late husbands is very denigrating and makes the victims uncomfortable.

She narrated,
”Days later, as custom demands, I am covered up in clay after her (the widow’s) husband is buried, I am expected not to take my bath for 40 days, eat with others or eat from my usual bowl. I eat and drink from this same calabash and the floor is my seat…”

She advocated “What happened to our shea butter rich in vitamin D and E, that nourishes the skin without having everyone on the streets staring at me covered in clay. Hear my cry judges and audience, for my voice is faint, searching for a listening ear”

She proposed the use of technological means of communication or announcement of funerals instead the customs that requires the widow to move from house to house, community to community while mourning to announce the death of her husband.

Teroo’s performance at the show has been so impressive so far and she appears determined to bring the crown to the Upper West Region after the region has thirst for it since 2014 after Barci brought it home.She was awarded Best Costumes .

Story: Putiere Ernestina

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