Stonebwoy is performing in Europe while Shatta Wale in performing in Bolga- Wizla Finito

Wizla Finito a former and controversial Shatta Movement ex-member has provided reasons he has over the years maintained that Stonebwoy has been working harder and touring the globe.

According to Wizla Finito, Shatta Wale has been billed to perform in Bolgatanga, the capital of the region while Stonebwoy is miles away from home to perform in front of dozens of fans who turned up for Davido’s concert at the Madison Square Gardens.

Shatta Wale is expected to be in Bolga on May 31st for a concert put together by Taabea Taacum & Jaga 4 Bitters.

Wizla Finito believes such gigs are for the likes of Kwamina MP and Patataa.

”One is going to perform at the Austin Reggae Festival in the US, and the other one is going to perform at the Taabea Taacum & Jaga 4 Bitters Live in Bolgatanga and the entry fee is free just for Jaga 4 Bitters. So you just judge for yourself as to why one of them is still sitting in Ghana insulting the other one, and how come the younger one is rather the one going to perform in the USA

Stonebwoy performed with Davido at the Madison Square Gardens two days ago and Kevin Taylor came out to insult him indirectly whilst at the same time Wale is going to perform at Bolgatanga. From what I know, places like Bolgatanga shows are meant for artists like myself and the likes of Kwamina MP and Patataa. So think about it, why is Kevin Taylor fighting Stonebwoy for his performance with Davido and still proud of Wale calling Stonebwoy a cripple? Are Nigerians not equally the African brothers of Ghanaians? Why must the vast majority of Ghanaian music fans be instigated to hate Nigerian artists when in fact we are all fighting for the same thing? Survival from our corrupt African leaders? Think about it, cos I just don’t get it anymore. Africans, together we are stronge
Them say you don’t chase crowd you chase money, but I just want to ask ooo, the Cedis and the Dollar which be crowd and which one be money. Cedis based in Bolgatanga, and the Dollars is also based in the USA, think about am well before you decide. I hope now you can understand why they are bleeding for nothing so relax give them wae. Woaa see the old man ein face and forehead in the Flyer like Banku wey Dey the herbal bitters bottle ein side”


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