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Spotify In Ghana, Will It Profit Artistes in Northern Ghana?

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Swedish audio streaming service provider Spotify announced on Monday 22nd February 2020 that it will expand its markets to more countries including Ghana and some other parts of the world.

The rollout will begin soon. Most industry players in Ghana have been elated by the move by Spotify.

They are counting the benefits artitses tend to enjoy including migrating creatives into a bigger market due to the numbers of Spotify. They are seen as the leading music service provider in the world.

Will it benefit creatives in Northern Ghana?

When I first heard about Spotify’s move, my ambiguity heightened by the fact that most creatives/ artistes in the Northern part of Ghana, are leagues away from their counterparts in Accra.

It is plausible to suppose that the most patronized in Northern Ghana is Audiomack. A few explore or are even aware of other streaming platforms.

Spotify has a larger music catalog and market. It is the largest in the world with millions of songs on the platform. Getting your songs on Spotify puts you in a wider market where people can access, stream your audio anytime.

Spotify pays better. As to whether creatives from the Nothern part understand why they should monetize their creativity,  it’s another conversation for a different time. Bottom line, Spotify is so concerned about the issues of copyright and deals directly with music owners. It pays royalties on the streams and so you earn money from your toil.

Spotify also has algorithms and systems in place to monitor streams, your audience, and where they are coming from. At the end of every calendar year, they provide a breakdown of how your songs performed on their platform.
It looks great for the artistes who are willing to make good use of the platform.

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