Sounds of celebration fill the air as Paga hosts memorable Salah Fest

The usual tranquility of Paga Town Park was replaced by a joyous uproar as the annual Salah Fest, organized by SEASIDE Family in collaboration with BossMan Records, transformed it into a vibrant celebration.

Sounds of music, laughter, and excited chatter filled the air, blending with the mouthwatering aroma of sizzling meats and Ghanaian delicacies wafting from food stalls.

Families and friends streamed through the gates, their colorful attire mirroring the festive spirit. Children, adorned with intricate henna designs, chased each other with infectious laughter, their youthful energy adding a playful spark to the atmosphere.

As the afternoon sun dipped lower, the stage came alive with a burst of color and sound.

Aristes or musicians, billed by SEASIDE Family and BossMan Records, took center stage. Their soulful voices soared, resonating deeply with the audience. The rhythmic melodies of traditional instruments like the gyil and kora intertwined with the contemporary beats of afrobeat and highlife music, creating a captivating fusion.

Paga salah fest
Paga salah fest

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The audience swayed to the infectious rhythms, some clapping along, others lost in the music, pure joy etched on their faces.

The Salah Fest transcended mere entertainment; it was a space for cultural exchange, spiritual reflection, and a celebration of shared values.

As dusk settled, painting the park in a magical twilight, the tempo of the music increased.

Anticipation crackled in the air as renowned guest artists like Fasetwo, Ras Ziggy, Axcion boy, GAF Mill, and many others, potentially brought in by BossMan Records’ industry connections, finally took the stage.

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The crowd erupted in cheers, their enthusiasm palpable. Powerful vocals and energetic dance routines ignited the atmosphere, transforming the park into a sea of bobbing heads and enthusiastic cheers.

But the Salah Fest wasn’t just about the dazzling performances. It was a testament to the power of community, fostered by SEASIDE Family.

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Food stalls overflowed with local specialties, laughter erupted from groups sharing meals, and children shrieked with delight navigating bouncy castles. As night deepened, fairy lights twinkled overhead, casting a warm glow on the jubilant crowd. Young and old, families and friends, all danced together, united by the spirit of the occasion.

In an election year, the platform was given to the Parliamentary Candidates of both NPP and NDC to have words with the youth.


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