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Review!!! Cypid – Shok3 ( Official Music Video)

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Ghanaian singer Dawda Abdul Manaf Anaba known on stage as Cypid is releasing his official music video for his hit song Shok3.

  • Cypid is releasing Shok3 music video on Saturday, 7th August 2021.
  • Shok3 was shot and directed by Aboagye Boaful and styled by STS Collections.
  • Roy Lambert, an artiste manager and CEO of DownTown Recordz, is the executive producer.

Discoursing randomly to a few laypersons who appreciate music videos merely on costume, setting, flamboyance, and oh, the video vixens showcasing their inherent evils, they are overly dazzled. I wasn’t shocked though as Cypid seeks to ‘Shok3’ everyone.

For me, and any other critique, I want more. So I brought the music video under my microscopic lenses to appreciate, analyze, contextualize and conceptualize the Shok3 music video.

Watching the video gives me a mood of ecstasy and self-actualization. Self-actualization in the sense that, the video aligns with the storyline of a young musician who wants to succeed to the bewilderment of cynics.

This gave birth to about four different scenes which began on a low in Bolgatanga to the nation’s capital Accra where Cypid takes over the street, protruding expensive champagnes and then ending up at a club with the ladies, to climax it all. This is the life every up-and-coming musician wants, and so, a story well told.

Cypid I realartsgallery

Again, there is a perfect relationship between the visuals and the music as wells as between the lyrics and the visuals. Don’t get confused.

The setting represents how the youth in the video live. No amplifies or modification to exaggerate the setting. This was done by snooker plays, street dance, hood representation, clubbing, crazy bike rides, etc.

To end it, the video has quality. No Cap!! I’m not an expert when it comes to video production but I can observe good camerawork, movement, and angle. The drone shots are amazing. This is great output by Cypid, Roy Lambert, and anyone that put in this much work, which is worth the wait.

Source: Harmattngh.com


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