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Reasons Why I Picked Nomination for Prumas-Dakora Shares

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Deciding what awards to enter could be challenging but it’s important to weigh up the time and effort it would take to enter against the potential gains. Some awards may have monetary prizes or other benefits such as coaching, advice and workshops. However it’s not just the winning that counts.

With resources often stretched putting one’s self forward for awards is not always the top of the agenda, Dakora of 2Kornez fame share 4 reasons why the upper west music awards is important adding why he picked nominations and Speaking to Harmattangh.com, he educated a lot of people especially his colleague musicians and music lovers in the region and beyond, who didn’t know the importance of their own awarding schemes.

Below he shares:  

Prumas serves as Guidance and advice on music to the musician.

The above point he said is his first reason why he picked nomination, he said in most music awards, the participants always receive advice from experts in the music industry. “They are guided on some aspects aimed at improving their music. Apart from that, musicians interact with other musicians, and they access music-making, mentoring and good performances on stage throughout the years. Any advice in the music sector will make your work incredible and good”. He added.

Show off your skills

Dakora’s after stating his second reason, he indicated that, as a musician, whether participating or not, you can show your skills to the crowds. He said, “The audience pay their money to watch you perform your work, and this gives you the opportunity to show the crowd how talented you are. You can become more famous maybe in places you were not recognized, and people can call you requesting you to perform, this will be another chance for you to make more money. Performing before a large crowd enables a musician to know that your skills are noticeable”

Financial assistance

Dakora after attributing his 3rd reason why he picked nominations for the Upper west Music Awards to Financial assistance, he said,”One of the benefits of music awards to musicians is financial assistance. In most concerts, money is awarded to those who win. A large amount of money or items is given to the winners. This money can be used by the particular musicians to expand their music, their business, their personal life. The winner is free to use his or her money for whatever he or she wishes. It is with this money that some musicians come up with video recording studios that benefit them in many ways, Prumas is one of the schemes that award best of items that can be converted into money’’.


Dakora added that he picked nominations for Prumas for the mentorship reason, “One of the things that many upcoming musicians lack is mentorship. They lack people to guide them and show them the way as far as music is concerned. However, upper west music awards have structures, sources close indicates that all the participants will be trained and mentored in various factors that are related to music. They will be taught how to manage their finance correctly. They will also be taught on stewardship and how to best manage the celebrity status that most usually do not know how to handle”.

He ended by urging his colleague musicians industry players and all music lovers  to value Prumas as he describes it as the biggest awarding scheme in Ghana hence should be valued especially people from the region. He sent a message of gratitude for the Prumas board for nominating him. He is given nomination for the Artiste of the Year category and Afro-Pop song of the year with his “Zagawalata” song produced by DJ Breezy.

Text category code: PR1 and add His name( Dakora) to short code 1736 for the artiste of the year category and PR4 add Dakora to the short code 1736 for the Afro-Pop song of the year.

Like: PR1Dakora to 1736 : PR1Dakora to 1736 (Artiste of the Year) PR4Dakora to 1736: PR4 Dakora to 1736 (Afro-Pop song of the Year)

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