Popular Belgium-based DJ Jams to Melvin Jaguar’s songs – VIDEO

A Ghanaian DJ, Powasky, who is based in Belgium is captured jamming to songs from Melvin Jaguar’s latest EP ‘Street Love’.

Melvin Jaguar is a Hip Hop and Afro Pop artiste in Ghana. Melvin debuted his five track album on February 17th, 2020 which is currently crashing down audio streaming platforms due to the high demand.

Melvin Jaguar at GhOneTv

DJ Powasky is seen singing word to word songs from the album with his friend.



DJ Powasky worked for Live Fm in Ghana before moving to the United States.

Melvin Jaguar is currently promoting his album in the Ghanaian media. He has been to GhOneTv, Bryt Tv and many others so far.

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