Men are scared to approach me, single Tangoba Abayage talks about her ideal man

Tangoba Abayage
Tangoba Abayage

A former Ghana’s Ambassador to Italy and Upper East Regional Minister, Tangoba Abayage claims she has not had intimacy with any man since her divorce in 2006.

Tangoba Abayage says she’s been looking for a man but issued a caveat that the man should be able to love her and be her friend.

She added that other physical qualities like the sought after “six-packs, beard, and beautiful skin is not what she looks out for but the man must come with a little class.

Tangoba Abayage happily related how the man must dress well, smell good and should be a charmer to other women. This is where she takes pride from.

According to her, she has had friends who have what she’s looking out for but the dice haven’t settled on anyone yet.

Tangoba Abayafe believes men are just afraid of her and do not have the audaciousness to set the ball rolling.

“Let me be frank with you, most of the men are afraid of me, I don’t intimate men and I can’t even kill a fly…when you get out there and you are loud like us and rolling all over the place, the men think this woman is already taken and they fear to come forward” she said.

Strong women, she says are lonely most of the time.


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