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Meet Mani Mandela, the musician who quits bank job to do music

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Joseph Dumolga
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Akantoa Mani Mandela referred to in front of an audience as Mani Mandela has commonly consented to leave his place of employment at the National Investment Bank.

Mani Mandela is virtually leaving working behind the counter to commit working behind the console.

The “This Year ” author accepts his uncommon choice makes ready for him to zero in on his music profession.

Mani Mandela
Mani Mandela

Mani Mandela affirms that botched greater open doors might have changed his music vocation however his financial stir tied him up.

Addressing, Mani Mandela accepts the banking and innovative expressions businesses can not be joined however required sole consideration.

“It was a mutual agreement reached by my employer and myself. This was to enable me transition from banking to take full control of my music career. Music demands full attention and all of your time and so does banking so putting it together was really tedious and I sometimes had to let go of great opportunities that could have elevated my music career because I have to serve the bank”. he said.

Asked if he has any dependent income source, Mani Mandela replied “ I am currently unemployed hoping to be an entrepreneur. I wouldn’t still want to take music as my sole source of income since and still growing in the craft and will get my returns later.

However, my income will be slightly affected since I wound be getting paid at the end of every month”. he added.

Mani Mandela concedes that he acquires a few peanuts from his art however he can not depend on it now. He desires to get utilized very soon in the job market.

” Some Money is been made currently but that can’t be the shoulder to rest on since music demands big investments for big returns. So am working on getting employed somewhere I can be able to balance the office work with the music.” he concluded.

Mani Mandela, who is so much committed to his music career, is beginning the year with a new record “This Year “


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