Mayorkun sues Nickie DaBarbie for N1 Billion over ritualism allegations

Nigerian musician, Mayorkun, is making headlines after filing a hefty lawsuit against social media personality Nickie DaBarbie.

The lawsuit stems from accusations Nickie made on her platform, alleging Mayorkun dabbled in occult practices and intended to harm her for ritualistic purposes.


Nickie claims to have narrowly escaped this misfortune.

Mayorkun vehemently denies the accusations. He’s seeking N1 billion (roughly USD 2.4 million) in damages, citing emotional distress, potential loss of endorsements, and legal fees.

The lawsuit also demands Nickie remove all defamatory content and issue a formal apology across her social media channels.

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This situation highlights the damaging impact of online allegations, especially those as serious as ritualism. Mayorkun’s lawsuit seeks not only compensation but also aims to clear his name and protect his career.

Whether he receives the full N1 billion remains to be seen, but the case serves as a cautionary tale about the power and consequences of words, especially on social media.


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