Manager of DWP Academy reveals why Afronita left the camp

There have been a lot of rumors in the past few days regarding popular teenage dancer Afronita’s departure from the prestigious Dance With a Purpose (DWP) Academy.

In a rare interview with popular vlogger Kwadwo Sheldon, the group manager Quables discussed the unforeseen events that led to Afronita’s departure.

He disclosed that, in contrast to rumors and presumptions that were making the rounds among supporters and the press, Afronita’s exit was not motivated by animosity or internal strife within the academy.

Quables clarified that instead, it was the result of a discussion he had with Afronita’s mother.

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According to Quables, Afronita’s mother gave her a clear order that caused her to leave the group.

She expressed concerns about Endurance, another well-known female dancer, and threatened to withhold her daughter’s membership if this continued.

Quables also described how Afronita’s mother expressed her expectations for a manager’s duties within the organization, highlighting in particular that a manager should provide clothing for her daughter.


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