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Kizz Daniel: A Fresh Breath Of Music

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In November 2017, Kizz Daniel announced his split from his record label, G-Worldwide and created his own label called FLYBOY I.N.C. He was sued to court by the former record label but was not found guilty for any of the crimes he was accused of.

In May 2018, Kizz Daniel announced that he had changed his stage name from Kiss Daniel to Kizz Daniel, a name which immediately reflected on his social media accounts. New Spotify and Apple Music accounts were also created immediately with the names Kizz Daniel, with his new songs featured.
In June 2018, Kizz Daniel’s former record label G-Worldwide made a move to own the rights to the name “Kizz Daniel” and further advised the singer to desist from using the name or face legal consequences in a press release sent out to media houses. In October 2018 Daniel responded to the suit and statement made by his former record label G-Worldwide through his own lawyer. On 8 April 2022, Emperor Geezy and Daniel settled their disputes, outside the court in a viral video tagged #Peace&Love.

Nigerian pop music has broadened in scope in recent years and is arguably at its most varied. During the same span of time, however, the mid-tempo stylings popularized in the mid-2010s have staunchly sat at the heart of Nigerian pop.

NOW, Kizz Daniel represents a bridge between the high-octane sound of Nigerian pop in the late 2000s/early 2010s and its mid-tempo successor, gaining mainstream visibility at the peak of that period with several hit songs and a widely beloved debut album. He’s committed to the role, intricately coloring around familiar musical boundaries without sounding stagnant.

His desire to remain under the radar is balanced by his string of hit singles and his lofty ambitions, which have earned him the admiration and support of his devoted fans. Kizz Daniel knows which groove he prefers and is as dependable as ever.

Source: Gerald Israel

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