I see a brighter future in the upper west music industy-PM Lexiz

Speaking positively about upper west music industry seems to have been scarce for a number of years now. Eretoume Alexis with PM Lexiz as his stage name is of the view that there is a brighter future for young and talented musicians in the upper west region despite the many attacks and misunderstanding among musicians and industry players.

Speaking to PM Lexis on Harmattangh.com, he said the music industry here in the region seems to be on a standstill due to some fracas between artists, industry players and sometimes artist managers. He is however optimistic that it will come to an end.

The Double Double hitmaker came into the music industry in the late 2016 and in early 2017, he took over Nandom in upper west region and later was missing in the early 2019. He has officially released over 19 tracks with some yet to be released in 2020. Quizzed by Harmattangh.com on why he was missing in early 2019, he said it was an official duty of taking up a profession of a fire man that took him away from music for a while. He added that he is fully back even though it is challenging merging music and the work as a firefighter.
“I wasn’t in the scene in the early 2019 because of my newly appointed job As a fire man, which took me off the music scene for a while but am now back even though merging the two would be challenging, but I believe with time, it will be ok with me”.

PM Lexiz was seen in the late days of January 2020 throwing shots back at Maseg Dagaati on his Facebook handle and Responding to the reasons why he threw shots back at Maseg Dagaatei (a rapper from upper west region),he said Maseg started it even though they are brothers that are closely related and hustled together. He added that it is a long story which can be summarized in one word which is UNGRATEFULNESS. He further stated that he is cool with him and would do a collaboration with him if it need be.

The Upper Worse hit maker thanked promoters including DJ Derry Gee, Fashion King, Mc Alasks, DJ Chelsea, DJ Galaxy, Superstars Queen, DJ Faabu, Hafiz Wumpini(Asem) DJ Faabu, DJ Anada and all the promoters who are and has been doing their best to put the upper west music industry on the map.

He concluded by saying other musicians should work hard and respect the promoters adding that upper west should watch out for him as he is prepared to come through with a lot of projects.

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