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Heavy Crowd as “TiJaabunyeni” Movie Makes History in It’s Night of Premiere

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Despite it being a big Saturday Night In Wa, the regional capital town of the upper west region , more than 100 people turned up at the Wa regional Library for the movie premiere of “Tijaa Bunyeni” (We are one) , a movie written and directed by Abdulai Abdul-Rashid known as Ramos and Produced by Sadik Abdul-Ganiu of Bless Films Production.

“Part of our mission is to educate the public about peace and unity we put the story of we are all one into action so we should live in Unity”.Ramos told Harmattangh.com.

The premiere as stated earlier took place in the regional library in Wa on the 21st November 2020 with 33 characters including Ramos himself and other known movie stars in the movie industry here in the upper west region like Dimbie Jamaldeen aka DJ Chelsea, Aderline Kunveng , Yiru Veronica, Suntaa Burner General, Joyce among other young and talented actors and actresses .

As the lights dimmed, attendees watched a prelude that included a number of photographs of the natural surroundings contrasted with not-so-favorable shots depicting the culture of the North. The movie used sound tracks of some musicians in the upper west region with some blessing the night with great musical performances.

The movie went on to describe the small community of Wa-Chagli as being a friendly and caring place with small town values: some bad leaders who will always want to cause harm to innocent communities over disputes or wrong land ownership making the law of Karma took it stand and finally revealing we are all one hence living in tolerance, peace and harmony is the best way to prosper in communities like Chagli , towns like Wa , Countries Like Ghana and the world at large.

‘’We are open to all comments to work better on other movies that will be hitting your screens soon, we say a big thank you to all patrons for the love shown we have set the bar, its first of its kind. You can contact 0540326176 for a copy of the movie” Abdul-Ganiu aka Bisa CEO of Bless Films Production told Harmattangh.com .

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