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HarmattanGh finally releases 20 celebrated Female personalities.(UWR)

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Celebrated Female Personalities from the Upper West Region of Ghana
All over the world and especially Sub-Saharan Africa, women remain marginalized in almost all sects of the society except roles that society have defined for them. They remain underrepresented, unheard and less celebrated except for mother’s day. However, women’s contribution to society far exceeds what the society acknowledges and give credit for.
In Northern Ghana, their situation is not different; from customary rights to rights of ownership, women are maligned and relegated to the kitchen and raising children. A situation that is slowly changing due to the hard work of Non-Governmental Organizations and other Religious bodies.
In Northern Ghana, this season is a time for thanksgiving. Chiefdoms and family engage in all kinds of celebrations to give Thanks to the creator for having given them good health and bumper harvest. As usual, the hardworking women who toil in the farms, throughout the agricultural chain of food production, are left to brew pito and prepare assorted foods for the ‘gallant men’ of the land.
As a media company that is dedicated to providing credible information to the public as education, entertainment among others, we decided to pick the Upper West Region of Ghana and shine light on the industrious, creative women of the land who are making greater impact on larger society. We give special attention to women who have challenged the status quo despite all odds and are celebrated across the country and beyond.
The list includes but not limited to Radio/Television personalities, Sports personalities, Politicians, Entertainers, and Business Women.below is thee list of top 20 celebrated female personalities.(UWR)


Shamima Muslim

Founder and Convener (Alliance for Women in Media Africa (AWMA)).Shamima Muslim the Founder and Convener of the Alliance for Women in Media Africa (AWMA), a Non-governmental advocacy and welfare group dedicated to improving the visibility and Impact of Women in Media.
She is a distinguished award winning Broadcast Journalist formerly with Citi fm and Metro TV, the highlight of her career culminating in being selected with two others to host the 2012 Vice-Presidential debate for Ghana’s 2012 elections and being a member of the three pioneer representatives of Ghana at President Obama Young African Leaders Initiative in 2010.
She is a Development Communications specialist, a trained facilitator with special strengths in Process input, Advocacy, Negotiations, Gender, Leadership and Presentation Skills and Media and Communications skills. She is currently a law student. Shamima is also a member and ambassador of the following coalitions and campaigns:


Salma Mumin

Salma Mumin was born in Wa, in the Upper West Region of Ghana and spent her early childhood days there. She attended Odorkor Primary School for her basic education and then moved to Insaaniyya Senior Secondary School. She later moved to Accra to pursue her acting career.
Salma Mumin is a Ghanaian actress. For her work as an actress, she has received several awards and nominations in the movie industry including Papyrus Magazine Screen Actors Awards (Pamsaa Awards) Best International. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.



Noella Wiyaala was born in Wa, Upper West Ghana as one of four sisters and grew up in Funsi and Tumu. She got first singing lessons from her mother, a choir singer in the local church, and she has performed ever since she was 5 years old.
Noella Wiyaala (known under the stage name Wiyaala ) was born on December 22, 1986 and she is Ghanaian Afro-pop singer-songwriter who sings in her native languages Sissala and Waala as well as English, often combining all three languages in her songs. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.



Born Mona Faiz Montrage but usually referred to as Hajia4Reall, she is a Fashionista extraordinaire, an influencer, an entrepreneur, a socialite and a mother among others. Her celebrity lifestyle, her swag and her unique fashion sense have made her a well-known name in Ghana. She has parlayed her influence and love for looking good into a hot and thriving cosmetics brand called 4Reall Beauty Cosmetics line.



Bentie Abigail Baciara is her name. She comes from the Upper West Region of Ghana. On Ghana’s Most Beautiful platform, her name is Barci, A 22-year-old graduate of the University for Development Studies,Wa campus. She studies Integrated Community Development as a result of her ambition to be an agent for development and positive change. Baci intends to promote primary education in Ghana using indigenous communication, participatory and bottom-up approach to development among others. She believes in teamwork, perseverance and God.


Hajia Humu

Hajia Humu Awudu, is the Founder and Chief Executive officer of Hajia Humu Foundation, now the parliamentary candidate for NPP for Wa Central Constituency. She has made several impacts in the lives of people in the upper west region with his countless donations.


Adwoa Bayor

Adjoa Bayor was born on 17 May 1979 in Accra, the former skipper of the Black Queens, which is the Ghana women’s national football team. She was part of Black Queens team at the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup in the United States.


Moesha Budoung

Moesha Buduong is a Ghanaian TV presenter, actress and model who is also known for granting a controversial interview to CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour on issues of sex, love and gender. She has a foundation called Moesha Budoung Foundation Impacting Lives of Young Ones. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Dong-Purye Sussan Suntaama (who used to be known under the stage name Shee Rap is now known as Suntaama ) was born on the 23 of August in Pong-Tamale in the Northern part of Ghana, West Africa. Suntaama is a Ghanaian Afropop and R&B artiste who sings in her native language dagaari with a combination of Twi, English and Dagbani. The singer and songwriter attained public recognition when DKB of the Big brother fame featured her in his apology song in 2012. She was awarded by the National youth authority under the Upper West Youth Achievers awards for her AIDS song in 2016. In 2016/17 she won best female vocalist of the year in the Upper West region under the Radio Progress Upper West Music Awards and in 2017/18 she won best female vocalist of the year for the then three regions under the Northern Entertainment Awards (NEA), let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.



Tizaayela Edith Kanyiri is the representative of the upper west region for TV3’s GMB 2019, even though evicted she made the whole region proud of her outstanding performance at the reality show.


Florence Kpan

Florence Kpan from Nadowli Kalsegra, 35 years and an entrepreneur. CEO of Gafad collections, an accountant by profession, a politician by career. MSc holder from ZTE University China also an artiste Manager. (Managing Nashberry a musician in Upper west region). Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Ida Nakaar

Ida Naskaar is a media personality who has won several awards now working with Radio Mark as the News Editor, She has embarked on life-changing programs in and outside the country and has impacted positively on the lives of young girls. Her programs on radio caught the attention of many especially females because of her professional practice of Journalism. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Super Stars Queen

Superstars Queen is her most popular alias. She has contributed massively to the growth of the entertainment and creative arts industry in the 5 northern regions of Ghana. Whilst her identity remains hidden, her good works are always appreciated by all industry players in Northern Ghana. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Mabel Kogle is from the upper west region and 23 years of age. She completed Wa Senior High School. Currently the winner of Miss Face of Northern Ghana 2018 pageant. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Adiza Mumuni

Adiza Mumuni is a very hard working lady from the Sissala land who is known in the upper west region and beyond for her special and unique way of presenting news. She is a graduate of UDS Wa Campus and has worked with WFM and Poupeli FM. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Dora Mwinteroo

Dora Mwinteroo is a poet and a nurse by profession from Jirapa in the upper west region, she has authored several influence. She is the lady behind the “my maternal Pain” movie to be premiered on 26th December 2019. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Da Saama Sango

Da Saama Sango is a female vocalist with stage name Da Saama. She is half Nigeria and a half Ghanaian with her father from Wa-Nadowli. Her genre of Music is RNB. She won 3rd position in the 2019 Afrimusic contest in South Africa, as a professional Teacher. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Adline Kunveng

Adline Kunveng is one of the socially impacting female media personalities.She works with radio progress in the upper west region, she has Mced so many programs and is very good in the media fraternity. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Queenzy Bana

Umuhaira Salifu is stage named is Queezy Bana. She is a dance hall artiste from and in the upper west region who has served the region with good music. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.


Botaa Gladys

Botaa Gladys is very influential in the music industry in the upper west region, as an artist manager. She has helped young musicians in the upper west region and the CEO of Botaa Home Of Beauty. Also a hair specialist for most musicians for their music videos and shows. Let’s celebrate an amazing young woman.

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