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#GMB2021: Wedaga highlights the significance of the sacred sacrifice at the Tengzug shrine

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Wedaga, the Upper East Region representative at this year’s Tv3 Ghana’s Most Beauty beauty contest, casts more enlightenment on one of the sacred sacrifices in the region done by the people of Talensi.


Acting as the Tindana (owner) of the Tengzug shrine, Wedaga exposes that the traditional Tengzug Shrine has been recognized by The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as one of the heritage sites in the world which served as a refuge for indigenes during the times of slavery.


The sacred sacrifice, according to Wedaga, takes place begins in the month of the new moon that falls on the 20th or 21st of either April or May. It begins with a libation of libation and pacifying the gods.

She added that the sacred sacrifice celebrations bring people from all walks of life to the gods of Tengzug for their mercies and present petitions to the gods.

The gods then grant their heart desires. The people automatically carry the good deeds of the gods at Tengzug to people across the world.


The process continues with the sprinkling of water that brings healing, prosperity, and fruit of the womb to the mothers.

The sacrifice is then crowned with a dance procession called ‘Goligo dance of praise, which is offered to the gods as a symbol of gratitude. It is considered taboo to pick up a fight with a fellow human. The punishment for any offender is a cow or goat which is given to the gods.


The men are supposed to appear bare-chested while the women wrap cloths around their bodies.

Wedaga concludes that the gods at the Tengzug Shrine are gods of peace and unity.

The judges praised Wedaga’s passion for an eloquent delivery and identified her as a true representation of the people in the Upper East Region.

You can watch her performance from the 2hrs 40th minutes.


Source: Harmattangh.com

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