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Dumolga’s folder: The ‘Green’ priorities, the case of the Upper East Region.

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Green(traffic light) on our roads signals the flow of traffic used to regulate the movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and animals alike. In other words, it provides an orderly flow of traffic.

The other Green is what I refer to as Upper East Region’s forest cover and the environment.

The president of the Republic, H.E Nana Akuffo Addo is steering the charge to plant more trees on 11th June 2021. Over 5 million trees are envisaged to be planted.
The people of the Upper East Region is beholden to take part in the ‘Green Ghana Campaign ‘.

Now back to the connotation of this writing that has to do with the ‘Green Priorities’.
We all concede that both Greens are fundamental to the existence of humanity.

It is arduous to choose one over the other. The lack of or nonfunctional Green(traffic lights ) on the streets in the Upper East Region has resulted in many accidents, destroyed and mutilated many people.

A trip around the major routes in the Regional capital Bolgatanga reveals a quiet number of inoperable ‘Greens’ which authorities gaze with lukewarm attitudes and myopic eyesights while it claims lives through road calamities.

Accordingly, the Green cover of the Region must be conserved by seeding trees. We all are familiar with the assertion that “when the last tree dies, the last man dies”. We don’t want to die so we want to plant more trees.

On the contrary, the rate at which lives are lost due to inoperable ‘Green’ on our roads can not be correlated to that of degradation of our Green forests and the environment. The latter appears to take time in manifesting.

Population increase and the associated conversion of land cover and other anthropogenic activities have contributed largely to degrading the Green forests. Coupled with climate change, l the rainfall pattern in the Upper East Region has been altered. We are in the middle of June and I can count the number of times it rained as compared to previous years.

The rains are delaying, farmers are not even ploughing to signal the start of a farming season.

In conclusion, the ‘Green’ on our roads is as significant as the ‘Green’ forest and environment. The question remains, which one do we prioritize because the leaders have failed the people of the Region. They look on as foreigners and locals cut down Rosewood and ply these roads with nonfunctional or none existing traffic lights.

Source: Harmattangh.com

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