Avinash Entertainment’s premier artiste Don Max, has been able to achieve a great feat that only few in the Ghanaian industry have done by bringing Atongo Zimba of ‘No beer in Heaven’ fame on to his new song. The song ‘Putoo’ carries a strong message and addresses social issues like corruption, greed and wickedness constantly shown by Ghanaian and African leaders alike. In the song, Don Max leaves his comfort zone and sings his heart out as he bemoans passionately about the issues affecting growth and development of creativity and talents. On a slow tempo afro-beats production by DugudBeatz, the artistes have been able to create song that will not become an instant anthem for young and old folk who seek for a better world, but will also stand the test of time as a great record that carries the younger and older generations together with a common purpose.
Download/stream Putoo below

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