Friday, May 20, 2022
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“Lots Of Sabotage In The Industry”-Jackstill Cries Out After Album Launch

sharing tears and speaking to the media, he admitted that aside the sabotage, the over 40 musicians that was on the bill couldn't save the show. " Bra Ike, I'm the free minded person, I don't hate anybody in the industry, I have always supported everyone yet I was not shown mercy, the over 40 musicians, yet none was able to bring numbers to the show leading to its flop" full story on

6 Types of People you are Likely to Find at a Ghanaian Wedding

They include aunties that the bride hasn’t seen in over 10 years but somehow they know everything about the groom’s family. Or the bachelors and sometimes ‘not so single men’ who make it their duty to bodyguard the ‘curvaceous lady friend’ of the full story here on

Celebrities in Creative Arts must see themselves as Ambassadors of Tourism – Okraku Mantey

Tourism is nothing without culture and creatives and so anytime you talk about tourism you should recognise the people in the creative space or...

Maccasio headlines Throne Pool Party Rave at Jocom Golden Hotel

Sherif Abdul Aziz referred to in front of an audience as Maccasio will perform at Throne Pool Party Rave at the Jocom Golden Hotel...

Wa: Sharp Herbs Company Limited Donates To Wa-Naa

Sharp Herbs Company limited on 16th October, 2021 ,donated 4 boxes of Imboost herbal mixture and an undisclosed amount of money to the overlord of Wa, his elders and queens to support Dumba full story here on

Jaywillz to storm Bolgatanga for Viva Safari 2021, a DTN event

Popular Nigerian songbird Victor Ime known on stage as Jaywillz will be in Bolgatanga for Viva Safari on Friday, 22nd October 2021 at the...

Maccasio dethrones Fancy Gadam, forces him into exile?

The Northern music space has morphed into a Game of Thrones, the battle for dominion rages on which is necessary for the creative process....

Bongo Azambene Festival; History, Date, and Celebrations

Bongo Azambene Festival is a grand traditional festival celebrated annually by chiefs and people of the Bongo Traditional area to commemorate the victory, inheritance,...

Thousands Join DJUGA for a Historic Health Walk for Disc DJs Nationwide

“The purpose of our health walk is to have our Disc Jockeys, patrons, other creative artistes and partners to maintain a healthy life style, and this also gives us opportunity to socialize and interact with our colleagues and connect with our favorite DJs,” he full story here on

UWR: PHARM-SSAG Launches 6th Annual Week Celebration.

The Week's Celebration themed "The Role of Pharmacy Technicians in Ensuring Asses to Quality Health Care Amidst Covid-19 saw in attendance all the pharmaceutical Sciences students, Chaired by Mr.Fortunatus Moo, the HOD for Building Technology full story here on

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