Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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PEACE AND DEMOCRACY IN GHANA- A Student Activist writes.

Let's go back to the supreme law of the country and allow democracy to prevail.....read full story here on harmattangh.com

Wa: 7-year old Caroline Basingba shares serious mistakes in making money.

The children’s world is full of ideas and imagination. Shaping these thoughts and ideas in a manner that helps them learn and grow is important. Words have a great impact on their mind, especially at the tender age when he or she is still in the developing phase. it is amazing how this young beautiful and talented Sister Caro leaves a positive impact on the minds of Adults and molds their behavior especially towards the subject she spoke about which is money.....watch video here on harmattangh.com

Spicy Foodies Donates GHs2,000 and other Logistics to the Covid-19 fund

The Company is a local branded restaurant that seeks to contribute small as part of our co-operate social responsibility of given back to society in this time of need......read full story here on harmattangh.com

Doris Pride Pen Emotional Letter To Women.

Don't be a cheap gossip! Be an expensive gossip. Get a gossip blog, be on the front page of gossip magazines as someone who is using her gossip skills to impact lives positively........read full story here on Harmattangh.com

I see a brighter future in the upper west music industy-PM Lexiz

Speaking positive about upper west music industry seem to have been scarce for a number of years now, Eretoume Alexis showbiz-wise known as PM Lexiz has said there is a brighter future for young and talented musicians in the upper west region despite the many attacks and misunderstanding among musicians and industry players in the upper west region.


Dagbon has over the years been branded (justifiably or not) as a conflict prone area, with little to attract tourists and other travellers to the area.This brandishing of Ghana's oldest kingdom has forced the area and its rich cultural heritage to remain in its shells, with the world unable to appreciate the history of the area......read full story here on harmattangh.com

Fad Lan’s “Life Too Short” Album Launch Takes a unique standard.

Fad Lan, a Tamale based Rapper who is fast growing in Northern Ghana and Beyond is set to Launch an Album dubbed "Life is too Short" which takes a unique standard of introducing Table of Reservation which Happens to be first of it kind in the history of music in Northern Ghana......read full story here on Harmattangh.com

5 words known to the people of the Upper East region only

If you have intentions of visiting the Upper East region, you should comprehend these few words. These are the commonly used words in the...

Optional King emerges winner of TV3’s Mentor Reloaded.

From the Northern Regional Capital, Tamale , Mohammed Lukeman has emerged winner of TV3’s Mentor Reloaded Television Reality Show.....read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Revivers of Upper West Music Industry from 2015.

Upper West showbiz especially music was literally on it’s knees until these guys showed up. They came with everything they got, shutting their ears and eyes on the naysayers while properly lacing their boots for the tough journey ahead. And, with their passion and dedication to what believed in, they dragged upper west music by the neck to it’s feet. The contributions of these guys came in different forms, shapes and sizes. From the production of music, the analysis and constructive criticisms of music and artist, to the promotion and management of artist; they gave their all. At a time when music was sort of avoided like a plague, they made it attractive. At times when DJs wouldn’t play our music, these guys didn’t only come to play them, they also creatively got people asking for more!. And at a time when musicians were seen as social misfits in the region, these guys made them stars......read full story here on harmattangh.com

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