Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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DUMOLGA’s Folder: The Politics Of Freebies, Corruption, And Implications On The Future Politician

Ghana heads into another general election barely three months away to choose a president and parliamentarians across the two hundred and seventy-five (275) constituencies...

Reasons Why I Picked Nomination for Prumas-Dakora Shares

Deciding what awards to enter could be challenging but it’s important to weigh up the time and effort it would take to enter against the potential gains. Some awards may have monetary prizes or other benefits such as coaching, advice and workshops. However it’s not just the winning that counts............................read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Wa: Life Again Gives Teen Mothers in Charia Lives Again

Becoming a mother changes a woman’s life forever, what it also means is that you now have a child who depends on you for love and for a stable environment. Being a teenage mother is even more hard work others describes it as worse , as a lot of the time the young girls have not even grown up themselves. it’s based on this a non-Governmental organization Life Again on 4th July 2020 put smiles on the faces of teen mother in Wa –Charia (Wa Municipal in the Upper West Region of Ghana) to have life again.......read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Trip to Benin, the sarcastic journey to the ’voodoo nation’

You may have seen the French nation in trends in Africa and other parts of the world. Well, there's no unrest as you may have...

Dumolga’s Folder: Know these 5 things before visiting the Upper East region

The Upper East region has over the years been an ideal destination for settlers from all walks of life.Geographically positioned at farthest from the...

“No Artist Should Expect Me to Promote Their Stuff”-DJ Whites Serves “UWECAI” An Open Letter.

Raghib Issahaqe Who is being referred to as DJ White because of his color has sent a strong warning in a letter to musicians, fans and industry players in the upper west region he has ceased everything promotion either on air or social media about musicians because they failed to recognized his efforts.He Dubbes it "NO MORE HUSTLING IN UPPER WEST MUSIC INDUSTRY" and below it reads:........read fll story here on Hramattangh.com

Paul Nyametease Announces a Debut Single :”Ekwan No Abue”

Just like Seth Godin Said "Art is when we do work that matters in a creative way, in a way that touches [people] and changes them for the better." - Paul Nyametease,a powerful minister of Grace, who has and still changing lives through music has announce releasing a new single on 27th June 2020 with the official music video following soon..........read full story here on harmattangh.com

Model of The Year: Lilian Bongnia Shares Challenges Models Face And Tips To Overcome Them.

Lilian Bongnia, a model who hails from upper west region of Ghana after winning Model of the year in the upper west creative arts awards highlights some challenges models especially in northern Ghana faces as well as provides solutions on how to scale over them..................................read full story here on Harmattangh.com

The Dagbon Movie Industry: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria Writes

This new development can be attributed to the mentalities that these two industries have. Northern music is all about worldwide domination while the northern movie is all about family consumption. Though the music industry is facing a lot of challenges, they are making effort to be heard at the national level.................read full article here on Harmattangh.com


It is estimated that countries spend on public procurement run into USD trillions yearly on a various items from the acquisition of goods, services and works. In some countries, this expenditure accounts for close to 30% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (DCED, 2017). This means that the impact of public procurement is very significant in shaping budgeting and public expenditure management as well as regulating economic activities in every country.....read full feature on Harmattangh.com

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