Friday, May 20, 2022
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Kizz Daniel: A Fresh Breath Of Music

NOW, Kizz Daniel represents a bridge between the high-octane sound of Nigerian pop in the late 2000s/early 2010s and its mid-tempo successor, gaining mainstream visibility at the peak of that period with several hit songs and a widely beloved debut album. He's committed to the role, intricately coloring around familiar musical boundaries without sounding full story here on

6 Types of People you are Likely to Find at a Ghanaian Wedding

They include aunties that the bride hasn’t seen in over 10 years but somehow they know everything about the groom’s family. Or the bachelors and sometimes ‘not so single men’ who make it their duty to bodyguard the ‘curvaceous lady friend’ of the full story here on

Will Smith Banned From Oscars for 10 Years Over Slap

US Actor Will Smith has been banned from the Oscars gala and other Academy events for 10 years after he slapped comic Chris Rock at the Oscars............................ read full story here on

IBM&J Tamale Learning Center opens admission for January 2022

IBM & J Tamale Learning Center is the only recognized Media Training Institute in Northern Ghana accredited by the National Accreditation Board and affiliate to the National Board for Professional & Technical Examination (NABTEX) full story here on

These are the best songwriters in the Upper East Region, according to social media users

Songwriting is an art on its own mastered by a few because of its idiosyncrasies. A professional songwriter should be able to compose musical compositions...

Hotels In Upper East Region: List of The Best Hotels In Upper East Ghana Worth Your Money

The Upper East Region can boast of some top-rated hotels with beautiful architecture and designs. These hotels are rated from three-star to luxurious five-star hotels. As...

Bongo Azambene Festival; History, Date, and Celebrations

Bongo Azambene Festival is a grand traditional festival celebrated annually by chiefs and people of the Bongo Traditional area to commemorate the victory, inheritance,...

Review!!! Cypid – Shok3 ( Official Music Video)

Ghanaian singer Dawda Abdul Manaf Anaba known on stage as Cypid is releasing his official music video for his hit song Shok3. Cypid is...

Teroo Advocates for Amendment of Widowhood Rites.

In her second live performance on Sunday July 25, 2021, the young promising contestant narrated that the widowhood rite in some parts of the Upper West Region where widows are smeared with soil after the burial of the late husbands is very denigrating and makes the victims full story here on

Gbele Resource Reserve History; Location, Contact Number, and Pictures

Gbele Resource Reserve is not as popular as other tourist attraction sites in Ghana but it is the fourth largest in Ghana. The was established...

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