Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Teroo Advocates for Amendment of Widowhood Rites.

In her second live performance on Sunday July 25, 2021, the young promising contestant narrated that the widowhood rite in some parts of the Upper West Region where widows are smeared with soil after the burial of the late husbands is very denigrating and makes the victims uncomfortable........read full story here on Harmattangh.com

There is Nothing Beautiful About Becoming a Teen-Mother –Model Ruby Sessay

Considering the causes and negative effects it has on the individual and the country, The 21 year-Old beautiful model who hails from the upper west region of Ghana sends a strong message to young girls to be extra careful in their dealings to avoid teenage pregnancy at all cost......read full story here on harmattangh.com

Ariana Grande Marries Dalton Gomez in ”Intimate” Ceremony

The 27-year-old American singer tied the knot in front of fewer than 20 people over the weekend, the PA news agency reported......read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Strika of ‘Beast of No Nation’ Returns to the Street to Beg, Reveals Why He Can’t Give up Smoking

In a video already trending on Social Media , the young actor was found on the streets in Kaneshie by renowned Gospel Musician Minister Edward, who is mostly based in the Central Region of Ghana.........read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Year of Broken Hearts: Check Out Top Breakup Videos On The Internet So Far In 2021

2021 has begun on a bad note for lovers especially the younger generation, who had higher hopes for their relationships. These relationships literally ¨turn beans¨,...

Heavy Crowd as “TiJaabunyeni” Movie Makes History in It’s Night of Premiere

As the lights dimmed, attendees watched a prelude that included a number of photographs of the natural surroundings contrasted with not-so-favorable shots depicting the culture of the North. The movie used sound tracks of some musicians in the upper west region with some blessing the night with great musical performances..........read full story here on Harmattangh.com

GMB 2020: Biography of Maali,Upper West Region’s Representative.

Maalinuo’s Social life had been cordial and friendly, very social and articulate. She is a member of a Club, known as YOLO/RC in Bolgatanga, advocating for people especially the Youth to live a responsible life with the slogan You Only Live Once and Attitude Matters. Maalinuo’s realist sensitivity, innovative and creative vision can be an exemplary life of a Girl of many skills and talents. These exhibits can be traced to when she was at the JHS and wanted to often undertake audition............read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Model of The Year: Lilian Bongnia Shares Challenges Models Face And Tips To Overcome Them.

Lilian Bongnia, a model who hails from upper west region of Ghana after winning Model of the year in the upper west creative arts awards highlights some challenges models especially in northern Ghana faces as well as provides solutions on how to scale over them..................................read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Upper West Creative Arts Awards : Awardees Receive Prices.

Many are the Schemes who awards only plaques, Upper West Creative after given out token of items to every winner of every category, presented items like Table top fridges, woofers, blenders, electrical irons among others to categories like DJ of the Year Media personality of the year, fashion designer of the year, Discovery Artiste of the year ,Model of the Year among others......read full story here Harmattangh,com

Top 10 Music Videos in Upper West Region-2019.

2019 one can describe it as a year of great improvement in the upper West Entertainment and Creative Arts Industry, the year has ended with so many activities done , take a cup of tea, a bottle of drink, relax as we take a look at some astonishing music videos produced by artist in the Upper West region. Before we begin, let’s appreciate the hard work most of these guys have put into making these videos. That aside, enough money also went into it. These videos are those premiered in the year under review and are going to be indexed founded on the quality, content, and streams on YouTube.

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