Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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There is Nothing Beautiful About Becoming a Teen-Mother –Model Ruby Sessay

Considering the causes and negative effects it has on the individual and the country, The 21 year-Old beautiful model who hails from the upper west region of Ghana sends a strong message to young girls to be extra careful in their dealings to avoid teenage pregnancy at all cost......read full story here on harmattangh.com

Increase Budget Allocation to Creative Arts Industry in 2021 Budget- Group to Government

A group calling itself GH story has urged government to increase its budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Creative Arts, Tourism and Culture in the 2021 National Budget to be presented to Parliament tomorrow......read full story here on Harmattangh.com

2021 Nominations for Africa Youth Showbiz Awards Opened

Speaking to the organizer Mr.Jasper, an entreprenuer and C.E.O for Outsiders R & R, he mentioned that,this maiden edition of their awards scheme is to give way to prospective persons in the categories listed on their forms a brighter view and also showcase these people and their hardworking arts to Africa and the world at large.......read full story here on harmattangh.com

Strika of ‘Beast of No Nation’ Returns to the Street to Beg, Reveals Why He Can’t Give up Smoking

In a video already trending on Social Media , the young actor was found on the streets in Kaneshie by renowned Gospel Musician Minister Edward, who is mostly based in the Central Region of Ghana.........read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Peerless; Soorebia shows lyrical prowess in latest single bemboe

A legend in one breadth and a growing Artiste on another, within these two extreme ends of the spectrum, lies complete artistry seeking to make a mark and solidify his status across all borders.

“Freedom And Justice” A Kobi Rana Movie Unraveling The “Rot”In Ghana’s Arm Of Gov’t Banned From Premiering

In the statement, the director born Cornelius Phanthomas stated that, venues highlighted for the premiere were served with letters from the Ghanaian state agency under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts responsible for the regulation of tourism in Ghana. He explained that, after visiting the establishment, it was evident the venue was locked with armed state’s security personnel guarding it.............read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Night of the Arts (NOTA2020) Mwintombo the Africana Briefs the Media

The event according to him, is a reward for people’s hard work throughout the year. He said It is a corporate and one of a kind power-packed event bringing together some of the finest artistes across the country on one stage for an evening of electrifying soul thrills and thought-provoking artistic performances; drumming, singing, dancing, poetry, drama, story-telling and comedy, all well curated to serve its audience with uplifting memories. It is happening under the distinguished patronage of Wa-Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV: overlord of the Waala Traditional Council.

Heavy Crowd as “TiJaabunyeni” Movie Makes History in It’s Night of Premiere

As the lights dimmed, attendees watched a prelude that included a number of photographs of the natural surroundings contrasted with not-so-favorable shots depicting the culture of the North. The movie used sound tracks of some musicians in the upper west region with some blessing the night with great musical performances..........read full story here on Harmattangh.com

Artiste-DJ Relationship is Very Poor-Upper West Disc Jockers(DJs)

The world of music has created a solid relationship with Disc Jockey. In the music industry, DJ is the first to know about which new artists have a buzz, what songs have no audience reaction and what songs are liked by the audiences.........................read full story here on Harmattangh.com

GMB 2020: Upper West’s Maali & Western North’s Adjoa out.

After winning the coveted Star Performer prize twice in a row, Upper West Region’s Maali got deflated on Sunday, August 30 as she joined Western North Region’s Adjoa as the latest evictees from the 2020 Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality show......read full story here on harmattangh.com

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