Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Bagre Dam Spillage: overlooked danger and the annual ritual killings

The Bagre dam and Kompienga dam has become a household name given that, toddlers can foretell the time of spillage from neighboring Burkina Faso. The...

Orcas Global empowers Women in Agriculture

As Ertharin Cousin explains, women are involved in every stage of the food system from producers to consumers, but they often have less access...

40 year of man arrested for illegal Rosewood logging in Chiana

A 40-year-old man is in the grips of the police in Chiana a for illegally logging Rosewood in Nakong. Confirming the arrest, the founder of...

The Shea Tree in the Northern Half of Ghana, Any Hope? Seidu Bhomanjorh Writes .

I visited Wa East in the Upper West Region (one of the areas with high incidence of poverty) and on my way I found this tricycle loaded with logs of Shea tree cut down from the area. As a "concerned environmentalist", I "confronted" this person and asked him why he caused so much damage to the environment by cutting down logs of Shea tree with vast potentials?.........read full story here on harmattangh.com

Antika Company Limited, the Solution to the Cry of Farmers in the Upper West Region And Beyond.

It looks amazing how the ANTIKA COMPANY LIMITED has saved many farmers in Ghana especially the northern part of Ghana taking upper west region, upper east region, the Savana and northern region into consideration making it one of the best agricultural companies in Ghana hence making farming easy and attractive in Ghana and located in the regional capital of the upper west region.

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