Thursday, December 9, 2021

Artiste-DJ Relationship is Very Poor-Upper West Disc Jockers(DJs)

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DJ (Disc Jockey) is extremely important to the music Industry. They directly play music in front of the audience and interact with them on a regular basis than other type of musicians. Disc Jockey clearly stands the taste of fan whereby engaging in direct and regular interaction.

The world of music has created a solid relationship with Disc Jockey. In the music industry, DJ is the first to know about which new artists have a buzz, what songs have no audience reaction and what songs are liked by the audiences.

That notwithstanding, Upper West DJs has said the relationship musicians in the upper west region has towards them is very bad which they described as poor.

Dj Anada of Radio Waa, DJ Skinny of Home Radio, and DJ Galaxy of WFM  speaking To Bra Ike on GBC Radio Upper  West’s Entertainment Hub said musicians underrate their efforts upon their many support they give to these musicians in the region. “Some musicians will never say thank you after all efforts made to get their tracks played on air, Bra Ike, if it is hard to say thank you, you can imagine how hard it will be to give us money or pay for our services , the few who do we really appreciate and we will keep supporting” they said.

Talking on some challenges and the way forward, they said the work seem not to have been yielding the money they expected and they attributed it to the fact that musicians and event organizers don’t pay for their services hence call on them to do well to pay for their services.

They added that they are doing their best in their branding and needs their services to be paid for to improve on their brands.

After outlining how some event organizers and musicians put them on shows without contacting them, they pleaded with them to respect their brands by following the necessary procedures before putting them on shows. “We have our own brands, event organizers and Musicians should get it right” They added.

 They made a lot known and shared a lot of experiences. They finally urged all DJ’s to play their part in building their brands to add more value to the DJ’ing Profession as they attested to the fact that DJ’ing is a full time profession one should earn a living from.

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