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ABEG app: What is ABEG app used for?

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ABEG is an application that allows you to send money to friends and families, make payments, and perform other financial transactions seamlessly for the people in Nigeria and beyond. ABEG is a fintech app that is developed by Abeg Technologies. 
The ABEG app was created by Dare Adekoya, a popular and rich young Nigerian tech entrepreneur, product designer, and programmer. Together with his colleagues Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh, they founded the app in 2019.
The app was launched in September and is already generating a buzz on social media for its unique approach to solving fintech problems.
ABEG app: What is ABEG app used for?
ABEG app: What is ABEG app used for? I abeg,app

What is the ABEG app used for?

ABEG app is generally used to send money to friends and families, make payments, and perform other financial transactions. It has become one of the easiest ways to send money in Nigeria and expanding to other places across the world.

Who created ABEG app?

Dare Adekoya created the ABEG app. He co-founded the app with Muheez Akanni and Michael Okoh in 2019.

How do I use ABEG app?

Using the ABEG app is quite simple, request money from any Abeg users in your contact list just by typing in their Abeg tag and your request will be sent to them. You do not need your bank details to send a request and receive money. Although, your phone number must be linked to the BVN you registered with.

How do I download ABEG app?

1. Open the PlayStore app on your Android phone. ·

2. In the search box, enter the word “Abeg”

How do I register for ABEG app?

Enter your full name, phone number, and email address, as well as a password. Your phone will receive an OTP right away. Click Submit after entering the OTP. You’ll be redirected to the webpage, where you’ll be able to link your BVN to your freshly formed wallet and set your Abeg Tag.


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