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5 Key Attributes Of Murad, 19 Year-Old Great Olympics Midfielder

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What makes a great midfielder? this might be a question many might be willing to know, the question, Why do Modric, Thiago, Kovacic, Kante, KDB and other great midfielders stand out? is something every footballer or football fan must know. Well, there is no magic formula but there are attributes that every midfielder must have to become great.

Highly rated midfielder IDDRISU MURAD who opened the scoring account in the Ghana Premier League on his third appearance for the Dade Boys(Accra Great Olympics) is the youngest midfielder with great attributes every midfielder should have.

as young as 19, The Number 4 shirted man is the Ghanaian Version of Modric, he is exceptionally great and below are five great attributes of Murad, one can call them facts.

1.Receiving under pressure.
At the highest level of the game Murad is able to receive the ball under pressure.

2. Breaking lines
Murad breaks lines with the ball at his feet, exploit space and dominates in the central areas.

3. Body movement & shapes.
He moves his body efficiently with and without the ball to maximize impact with balance and coordination.

4. Defending.
Winning the ball back quickly has become a key part of Murad in the game, knowing the triggers to defense are key.

5. Finishing.
Murad Bends into the top corner or timing a run into the box for a tap in, he is a goal-scoring midfielder and is always at the top of his game.

The Technically gifted midfielder is one of the best teen footballers in the Country currently, he is a promising midfielder the world should watch out for.

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